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MFC Board

The Mayo Families Connections’ executive board is comprised of volunteer members of MFC.  Our group is always looking for new members to volunteer.  If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions for the group, please email president@mayofams.org.

Executive Committee
President: Rachel Young
Vice President: Caitlin Jones
Treasurer: Lauren Nogel
Secretary: Cheyenne Labott
Kaleidoscope Editor: Laura Felker 
Past President: Catherine Sims

Board Members
Festival of Trees: Open Position                                            
New Member Liaison: Open Position                         
Social Media Chair: Meredith King
Arizona, Florida and Medical/Graduate School Liaison: Jessica Paolini                                                                          
Pediatric Parties: Open Position
Special Interest Group Coordinator: Katie Cushwa          
Taster’s Table:  Antinea Ascione                   
Webmaster: Christina LaVecchia
Welcome Brunch: Open Position                  
Winter Carnival: Open Position
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