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Welcome Brunch

                      MFC Welcome Brunch!
                            Saturday, July 15, 2017
                               10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
                 Landow Atrium, Gonda Building, Mayo Clinic 



Please RSVP by July 1, 2017 by clicking HERE to fill out the form

Child Care for Welcome Brunch: 

Due to the nature of the event, MFC cannot accommodate children at the Welcome Brunch. Child care is available for the those who are attending the Welcome Brunch through Bright Horizons.

Child Care Information

Instructions on Reserving Child Care

1. Register online with Bright Horizons at
2. Enter username Mayo Rochester and password Mayo
3. Print and complete the following forms:
4. Return forms to Bright Horizons before July 15th

If you have any questions about child care, please contact Bright Horizons at (507) 282-2707.

Bright Horizons is the back-up child-care provider for Mayo employees. Once you have registered, you will not need to register again if you wish to use Mayo back-up child care for your child(ren) in the future.

Welcome Brunch Contact: 
Rachel Adamo 

Buddy Program

MFC Welcome Brunch 2017 – New Members!
Now that you are moving (or have moved) to Rochester, would you like to meet someone to answer your questions and tell you more about the city? If so, please complete the form here, which will enable us to pair you with a Buddy. Your Buddy is a fellow member of MFC who will serve as a personal resource prior to and/or following your move in to town.

MFC Welcome Brunch 2017 – Current Members
Eager to volunteer to be a Buddy? Willing to welcome incoming spouses and help them find their way around Rochester? Here’s your chance to help take new spouses and significant others under your wing! Fill out the form here and we will pair you with someone new to Rochester.

We invite and encourage all buddies to attend the Welcome Brunch on July 15th together if available!

The 2016 Welcome Brunch 


Past Brunch Photos