Art Club

MFC Art Group

Join us in a no pressure, no expectations, welcoming environment.  We hope to see you soon at one of our meetings!

Studio Nights:  Group members offer tutorials in their areas of knowledge on a complementary basis.  Some of the past studio nights include: sketching with charcoal, pastel drawing, and macramé.   

Sharing Meetings:  Optionally, group members can elect to respond to a theme or concept in their choice of media (over the course of 1-2 months), followed by an evening of sharing and feedback on their work.

Special Projects:  In 2016, we submitted a proposal to the Rochester Art Center for their local artist series (RAC2) for a group installation.  Other opportunities include the sale of work through local boutiques, art festivals and future proposals to galleries and art centers.   Through these special projects, we explore ways to connect to the greater art community and participate in the art conversation in Rochester and the surrounding areas.

Why we do what we do:

We want to help each other identify areas of strength

Encourage each other towards creation and exploration

Develop our own artistic voices as we come along side each other

Contact:  Katya Roberts to join the group or for more information.

Follow: the MFC Facebook Page for inspiration, art history, tips and tricks of the trade as well as event updates and unique opportunities:

“I am seeking.  I am striving.  I am in it with all my heart.” – Vincent van Gogh