Gourmet Club

Gourmet Club is a monthly supper club for ALL ability levels. Groups of 4-6 couples gather in one of their homes to enjoy a potluck meal from fun menus compiled by the menu planning committee. The host generally prepares the main course. Each month's menu (September through June) has a different theme and includes suggested wine parings.

To join a dining group, please send your name, spouse’s name, department, year, and names and ages of children to Allison Latham, Gourmet Club Coordinator. If you want to be placed in a group with other families, please include their contact information.

Gourmet Club Menu Planning Committee is always looking for new faces to help us plan the menus we all love. The Committee meets 3-4 times per year. Committee members decide the themes for the year's menus. Then each member finds recipes for one or two of the menus, writes up the menu after narrowing down the menu at a meeting, and gets wine pairings from local liquor stores.

Contact: Rachel Adamo adamo.rachel@gmail.com and Shanna Gershman shannagershman@gmail.com

Gourmet Club and Taster's Table, 2011