Incoming Spouse/Significant Other Resources

The Mayo Families' Connection (MFC) would like to welcome you to Rochester and to the Mayo community. Rochester is a great city that has wonderful restaurants and community events, but is also very family oriented.  There are lots of things to do if you have children: parks, play groups, and indoor/outdoor activities for both cold and warm weather lovers. At the same time, this transition can be stressful for spouses who have left behind jobs or careers elsewhere and are seeking to simply find a job or further their careers or professional development. 

Check out the 2017 MFC Welcome Handbook here!


In collaboration with Mayo Human Resources, these two presentations will help you understand the employment landscape in Rochester.


Should we buy or rent?  Single-family or townhome?  For many families, this is the first time you've considered owning a primary residence.  Learn more on the topic at the US Department of Housing & Urban Development as well as from HUD in Minnesota


Find information for your school-aged children at the Rochester Public Schools website.

Additionally, Rochester has several publicly funded charter schools:


Below are several resources you can utilize to find daycare services in Rochester.

Higher Education

Interested in pursuing an advanced degree or certificate? The Rochester Minnesota Area Higher Education Providers Council is organized with the goal of informing the region of the higher education opportunities that exist in Rochester. The Council is comprised of 10 colleges and universities serving the Rochester area.

Additionally, adult enrichment calsses from the Rochester Community Education Center can be a fun way to learn a hobby and meet others with similar interests. Learn a new language, take up a musical intstrument, discover how to use all those features on your digital camera and much more!

 Community Websites

Helpful websites with additional information about Rochester:

Mayo Away Rotations

View our informational packets on Jacksonville and Scottsdale.

Contact Jacksonville/Scottsdale Liaison Jessica Paolini, if you are looking for something you don't see here, or would like to locate/leave contact information to connect with others who have or will do away rotations.